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I remove the stress from the entrance exam journey, providing you with the information, support and guidance you need for success.

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Ilana was pivotal in unlocking the potential of our daughter at a critical juncture of the 7+ entrance exams and successfully enabled her admission into top London schools such as Highgate and South Hampstead.



Are you unsure if you need an assessment for your child?

✔️ I want to understand whether they are suitable for a particular school.

✔️ I want to know what areas need the most development and how to achieve this.

✔️ I want to know how my child compares to their peers who will also be taking the entrance exams.

If these statements describe how you are feeling, an assessment is right for you.

We were quickly won over by Ilana’s deep knowledge of what would be required to pass the 7+ exam and her ability to quickly identify the areas we needed to work on.

We found the assessment report incisive, well-observed and full of practical suggestions. And most importantly, our daughter had fun.


Correspondance Assessment: 

🔶 Pre-assessment questionnaire so I understand your needs

🔶 Full set of unique English and Maths test papers for your child to complete

🔶 Paper graded using a marking scheme uniquely developed by me

🔶Detailed report explaining your child’s levels of attainment.

🔶Cost – £100

Live Sessions Assessment: 

🔶 Pre-assessment online meeting with you so I understand your needs

🔶 Short online sessions with your child to assess their attainment levels in English and Maths

🔶 Follow up online meeting to discuss findings

🔶 Full written report with an assessment of your child’s levels, as well as recommendations for the next steps

🔶 Cost – £350

Destination Schools:

Families that I have supported have gained entry to some of  London’s top schools including: University College School, Highgate, South Hampstead High School, The Hall, St Paul’s, Westminster Under, The Perse and Queens College.

Are you preparing your child yourself?

If you would like to prepare your child for the 7+ exams by yourself, this handbook will provide you with a step by step approach to preparing your child in English, Maths and Reasoning, as well as for second stage assessment days.

⭐️ In depth information about the process 

⭐️ Detailed steps to take for each area of preparation 

⭐️ Progress charts to help you asses your child’s current attainment as well as keep track of their progress 

⭐️ Full practice exams