Dive into Online English Classes…


🔶 discussion focused – gain new perspectives from peers

🔶 collaborative and active – everyone can contribute

🔶 small groups

“I really enjoyed the course and I loved how you explained everything very clearly and comprehensively. 

I learnt so much and I will enjoy writing poems even more now! I always write it down when a poem comes into my head and you have encouraged me even more to do so.

Thank you very much for a spectacular six weeksI” â€‹

My child is really shy. What if they don’t want to talk?

Don’t worry! Many students are shy when they first join the class. I am friendly and encouraging but never insist a student must talk. They have the opportunity to just listen, or type into the chat box. Over time, I have found that even the shyest students find themselves unable to resist joining in!

What if my child can’t keep up with the content?

Each session is designed to be entirely flexible. If I find that a student is having difficulty with the content, I can go back over material at their pace. They are never made to feel inadequate.

My child does not like doing homework. Do you make them do it?

Homework is set each week. However, it is up to each family to decide what is right for them. If homework is sent back to me, I will always comment on it, giving encouragement rather than correction. If homework is not sent back to me, I will not comment on this during class or chase for it.

The nitty gritty…

🔶 Classes last one hour

🔶 Six week short courses

🔶 Classes are held on Zoom

🔶 All course are priced at £90 each

🔶 Visual learners benefit from slides during class and emailed afterwards

🔶 Questions are encouraged

🔶 Writing, sharing and feedback opportunities during the class

I create bespoke courses for student groups around the world to fit their schedule and curriculum. Below are courses I can run for groups of 6 students. If you don’t see one that suits your group, get in touch to see what I can create for you!

Introduction to Creative Writing (ages 10-12/13)

Week 1: Planning and structure

Week 2: Writing effective settings

Week 3: Getting across your characters

Week 4: Building tension

Week 5: Effective Endings

Week 6: Upleveling your writing

Advanced Creative Writing (ages 12+)

Week 1: Using literary techniques

Week 2: Writing from different points of view

Week 3: Writing in the gothic genre

Week 4: Writing myths and legends

Week 5: Writing play scripts

Week 6: Exploring mini sagas

Creative Writing Club -for enthusiastic writers

For students who enjoy writing and would like to share their writing with their peers, and learn new techniques. Students have the opportunity to share writing they have done between sessions with the group, learn a mini-topic each week, and spend time during the session writing for feedback.  At the end of each session, the slides from class will be shared to the group via email.

Introduction to Writing and Understanding Poetry 1 (ages 10-12/13)

Week 1: Introducing poetry

Week 2: Understanding figurative language in poetry

Week 3: Haikus, List Poems and Cinquains

Week 4: Kennings and Sonnets

Week 5: Narrative Poems

Week 6: Analysing Poetry

Introduction to Writing and Understanding Poetry 2 (ages 10-12/13)

Week 1: Riddle poems

Week 2: Bio poems

Week 3: Odes

Week 4: Ballads

Week 5: Dialogue Poems

Week 6: Protest Poems

Advanced Poetry Analysis (ages 13+)

This course is for students who are getting ready to start a GCSE English course and would like to develop their ability to analyse poems more deeply and learn to answer analysis question that require three paragraph structured responses.

Introduction to Evaluating Texts (ages 10-12/13)

Week 1: Understanding literal questions

Week 2: Understanding inference questions

Week 3: Introducing evaluation

Week 4: Prediction

Week 5: Making sense of unknown words

Week 6: Summarising the text

Evaluating Texts Next Steps (ages 12+)

Week 1: Fiction part 1 – analysing settings

Week 2: Fiction part 2 – analysing characters

Week 3: Fiction part 3 – analysing language

Week 4: Non-fiction texts – analysing audience and purpose

Week 5: Poetry part 1 – themes

Week 6: Poetry part 2 – language use

Introduction to Effective Writing (ages 10-12/13)

Week 1: Recounts

Week 2: Biographies

Week 3: Letters

Week 4: Newspaper articles

Week 5: Writing to argue

Week 6: Writing to persuade

Introduction to Essay Writing (ages 11-14/15)

Week 1: Types of essays and writing thesis statements

Week 2: Introductory paragraphs and hooks

Week 3: Main body paragraphs and supporting evidence

Week 4: Conclusions and challenges

Week 5: Reflective essays

Week 6: Descriptive essays