Six Months to Becoming a 7+ Specialist

Unlocking the secrets – we’re colleagues, not competitors!

Are you in?

When I took my first 7+ student, I felt lost.

I couldn’t access any exam information.

No other tutors would share information.

I had no one to turn to.

That’s why this course was born.

If we can’t build a community of generous practitioners, only one group suffers – our students.

Let’s change the landscape and become specialists

I’ll let you into some insights – for free.

Parents want tutors with proven track records.

That means you need to confidently demonstrate specialist knowledge …

… not only about your subject!

They need to know:

🔶 Your teaching techniques

🔶 Your entrance exam strategy

🔶 How you’ll keep young students engaged

🔶How you’ll engage without comprising on the academic side

I’ll help you position yourself as that go-to person.

What is the benefit of taking part in this programme?

​Parents only want to hire tutors who can show either a proven track record in 7+ entry for their students, or those who can confidently demonstrate: a specialist knowledge of the process, the teaching techniques they will use to achieve success and the ability to keep their child engaged on what can be a long journey.  

You can become this tutor.

Month 1: 🔶 Overview of the 7+ Exams with school specific information 🔶 First Contact With Parents – How to Sell Yourself

Month 2: 🔶 First Session With Student – Ensuring They Sing Your Praises 🔶 How to Teach Reading Comprehension for 7+ Exam Success

Month 3: 🔶 Keeping Parents Informed and On-Side 🔶 How to Teach Writing Composition for 7+ Exam Success

Month 4: 🔶 How to Teach Young children Online Effectively 🔶 How to Teach Maths for 7+ Exam Success

Month 5: 🔶How to Teach Verbal Reasoning for 7+ Exam Success 🔶 How to Teach Non-Verbal Reasoning for 7+ Exam Success

Month 6: 🔶 The Run Up to the Exam – What You Need to do to Help Your Student Succeed and Stay Sane 🔶2nd Stage Assessments and Interviews- How to Prepare a Student

This isn’t one of those courses where you learn and leave.

You learn, you implement, we discuss and you improve.

The Nitty Gritty:

Cost:  £100 per month

The Plan

🔶Pre-recorded videos with associated tasks (two per month)

🔶 Group mentoring session ( 1 hour, once per month)

🔶One-to-one session (30 mins, once per month)

Do you have specific times when you take new tutors?

No. The course is specifically designed to be flexible around your needs – you can join at any time.

I can’t commit to six months.  Do you offer anything else?

For this deep-dive, it’ll take six months.  It’s the only way for you to have opportunities to learn, implement in live situations and have my input to help you tighten things up.  

If you’d like shorter or lower commitment courses, you’re welcome to explore my other options here.

Will this course lead to more students?

No course or trainer can guarantee more business for you.  There are so many things to consider that make a successful business.

BUT what this does guarantee, is that you’ll be better positioned to attract the right clients.

This is because:

🔶 You’ll be a 7+ specialist (and there’s a shortage of us)

🔶 Entrance exam tuition commands a higher rate of pay (you’ll be positioned to charge this)

🔶 I train you to navigate conversations with parents, to boost the chances of them becoming a client